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Knockankelly Farm Holiday Cottages


Well here's a wee change - something pretty and different as a lovely souvenir of your visit...or a treat for yourself or a friend anytime!

Sterling Silver (925) jewellery incorporating beautiful semi-precious stones - some you will have heard of, some may be new to you, but one thing they have in common...they are all beautiful.  

Malachite is a truly gorgeous green stone and here we have both a large - 40 x 30mm - oval cabochon in a sterling silver (925) pendant setting, and also an adjustable flower ring with a matching 8mm round stone.  The pendant can be supplied as it is, with no chain, or with either a sterling silver chain or leather cord - different options with different prices - just ask.


As the ring is adjustable it will fit most people, the best way to treat adjustable rings is to adjust them to fit the finger you are going to wear them on, and then take them off and put them on again as you would a normal ring to minimise stress on the ring.

If you like the idea of an adjustable ring - they would make an easy gift as you don't need to worry about getting the right size - but would prefer a different stone how about a Drusy?

Drusy's come in all sorts of colours - this one is an 8mm round Rainbow Titanium Drusy and the colours are really striking - and sparkly, purples and blues but to do them justice, you need to see them for real.

I can also show you this lovely little bird ring incorporating an 8mm round Amazonite cabochon - which, being a similar colour to Turquoise - would go well with the Turquoise and silver necklace also shown here.

This necklace is also available in Snowflake Obsidian  

or Unakite which has really interesting colours  

If you like the idea of a birthstone ring - here are a couple for you...

First of all, a 6mm round Peridot cabochon - lovely clear green - birthstone for August, set in a sterling silver (925) leaf ring, for a natural summer inspired gift.

Or, how about a 6mm round White Opal cabochon - birthstone for Octoberset in a sterling silver (925) ring with a small heart, again you really need to see it to appreciate the opal colour flashes - subtle but lovely.

You can really have what you want - price will vary according to stone and ring style, and there are exceptions - not diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds - but instead, unique striking and very beautiful natural stones that are sure to be a talking point.  So get in touch for prices for your favourite stones and delivery timescales - most items will be made to order.

Now for something a bit different...

Let me show you this handmade fine silver starfish pendant.

Fine silver is 999 rather than 925 silver, so is more pure.  This is also recycled - good to make and also to have, something that has been re-purposed and saved from waste, and it is also made here on our Farm, a unique gift or treat for yourself!

I have a very small collection of items currently available for sale - see below.  Most items will be made to order, and your requirements.

Just let me know and I will let you have a price for the item you are interested in, along with  the timescale.

Please note, I can only deliver to the UK at the moment.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  All prices include postage and packing.

email me at  or you can use the contact us form for The Summer House and Saorsa from the home page.