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Knockankelly Farm Holiday Cottages

Galloway Cattle 

and friends!

Galloway Cattle are an old traditional breed, native to the south of Scotland - specifically Galloway.  They are very hardy and are very much at home in the conditions we have here on Arran.  They have a special double coat, long and silky on top to shed the water easily, and an undercoat that is short and almost furry, to keep them warm in the coldest of the weather we have here.

They are quite happy to forage for food themselves and don't just stand around waiting to be fed - although they do appreciate being waited on hand and foot as well!

They stay outside for most of the year - calves as well, you can see them in winter with snow on their backs and they don't even seem to notice, but in the very worst and usually wettest of the winter weather, they come inside for a while.

The cows are very good mothers and are very protective of their calves.  They will hide their young calves while they go away to eat, and the calf will stay there, sleeping, until it's mum returns to feed it.As the calves get older, they form into cheeky little groups - we call them brat packs!  very inquisitive, and very cute!

Brat Pack

These two became really good friends.


Galloway calf and Wensleydale lamb